The new ISNI API 2.0

Quansic’s ISNI API is your music industry friendly interface to assign ISNIs to Performers and songwriters.



ISNIs are centrally assigned by the ISNI International Agency. As a Registration Agency, Quansic provides a Music industry friendly interface to request ISNIs for your Artists.

REST, cloud and Graph


The new V2 API is based on large scale state-of-the-art technologies

  • REST based API
  • Real time allocation
  • Asynchronous calls
  • Cloud based
  • End-to-end SSL encryption
  • Based on Quansic Music Graph database


With your client key, DEV mode queries are free and unlimited.
The API first hits Quansic Graph database. If no ISNI is found, the query is routed to the ISNI-IA in DEV mode. 
It allows you to test your artist data model against the matching algorithm.



 In PROD mode, you get your ISNI assigned in realtime.


 PROD access requires valid vouchers. You can refill your account with vouchers


You can find more information on the API’s home page


You can download the API technical specifications and guideline document