Quansic is a one stop shop for all Music related identifiers.

We operate Identifier assignment services  for 

  • Sound Recordings : ISRC
  • Musical Works : (alternate for ISWC) BOWI
  • Parties : ISNI

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We believe that the time of string matching has come and gone.

We believe that all Music Assets must have an Identifier.

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Musical Works


While the ISWC is and remains the normalised Musical Work identifier, it is not openly available.

Quansic has therefore create a new Work identifier, open and accessible to all, to fill the gap when ISWCs are not available.

Check out the BOWI specifications and registry

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As an ISNI Registration Agency, we can assign ISNI codes to your Performers and Songwriters..

We offer either an API to allow you to assign ISNIs directly or single registrations.

To find out more about our ISNI assign API click here

To request a single ISNI registration
click here.

Sound Recordings


As an ISRC Manager, we can assign ISRC code to your Sound Recordings.

Contact us to find out more.