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About Quansic


Quansic is a Swiss based company founded in 2019 by the metadata expert FX Nuttall.

Quansic stands for Quantum – music, entangling quantum physics and music metadata, the two passions of FX. Two worlds that oscillate between complete irrationality and scientific rigour.

After studying High energy Physics in at the university of Geneva, Switzerland, FX founded his first music metadata company, AudioSoft in 1995 and moved to Silicon Valley. 

He then worked as a consultant for 10 year for CISAC, the International confederation of Societies of Authors and composers, overseeing their International Standards initiatives. 

While at CISAC, FX was editor of the ISO 27729:2012 International standard name identifier (ISNI) and then Founder and Chairman of the ISNI International Agency.

FX then spend 7 years a Google / YouTube working of Publishing operations in charge of data quality, where he implemented ISNI throughout YouTube systems.

In 2020 Quansic acquired French based music tech company Transparency Rights Management and Jeff Bert, former CEO, joined Quansic’s team.