Matching Machine is a data enhancement service. Submit an artist and we explore all his Music Works and Sound Recording across many platforms, including all streaming services and Rights Management registries.

You get the full picture.

Keeping your repertoire safe, complete and up to date 

Your revenues depend directly from the technical quality of your repertoire. Poor metadata, poor declarations, poor revenues.

Quansic’s Matching Machine is an online tool that will store, help you administer, enrich and export your repertoire. It is a tool that will minimise your time and maximize your revenues.

Discrepancy and conflict analysis

Make sure that your data is properly referenced by all your partners. We assist you by highlighting the missing data, discrepancies and mismatches. 


Web – Bulk – API

You chose how to interact with the Database.

API for the Tech savvy that needs high volume transactions.

Web as an easy access for operations teams.

Bulk DDEX, CSV, XML or Json for one off operations.


Automated data exports

Regular repertoire data exchanges with partners can be time-consuming and technically challenging. 

We provide single click data export functions in a wide variety of formats compliant with your distributors, customers, neighbouring right societies, etc. We can also create customize templates to meet special needs.

With Machine matching, you securely and efficiently disseminate a consistent view of your repertoire to the ecosystem. 

Automatic metadata enrichment

You can benefit from Quansic extensive ISNI-X dataset and partnerships to enrich your repertoire and monitor its exploitation.

We enrich and update your repertoire with:

  • International Identifiers: UPC, ISNI, ISRC, ISWC, BOWI, IPN, IPI, MBID, wikidata-id, Genius-id, Discogs-id
  • Main Platforms Identifiers: Apple-id, Spotify-id, YouTube Channel, Amazon-id, Deezer-id
  • Extended metadata: alias, name variants, date of birth, name in different languages, relationships contribution to sound recordings and musical works

Check out our sample page to see the full data elements that we maintain.

100 % identifier coverage

Quansic introduces the 1st 100% identifier coverage dataset for Sound Recordings, Music Works and Contributors (Performers, songwriters, non-featured Artists).

A game changer !